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Pet Clinic Glastonbury

Pet Clinic Glastonbury

When you share your home with four-legged family members, having a good vet is vital. You need someone who you can turn to for routine care, such as vaccinations, parasite prevention, microchipping, wellness exams, and spay or neuter surgery. And

Dog Teeth Cleaning Glastonbury

Getting Your Dog's Teeth Cleaned In The Glastonbury Area

You probably make regular dentist appointments for yourself and your kids, but you might not be as proactive about getting your dog’s teeth cleaned. While many pet parents don’t see the need to make an appointment with a doggy dentist, up to 80%

Pet Vaccine Clinic Glastonbury

Finding a Pet Vaccine Clinic near Glastonbury

When you bring your very first pet home, getting them preventative care may not be at the very front of your mind. If you’d adopted a fuzzball of a puppy or a fluff of a kitten they’re probably quite a distraction, without all the tearing up of

Spay & Neuter Services Manchester

Finding Spay & Neuter Services in Manchester

Have you ever walked into an animal shelter and been overwhelmed by the desire to take each and every pet in there home with you? For animal lovers, seeing pets in pain, suffering or without a home, can break their hearts. And as long as we

Veterinarian in Glastonbury, CT

With so many factors to consider-- and so much at stake -- selecting a veterinarian for your pet can almost feel like climbing a mountain. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! Knowing what to look for can help you quickly and


We’re a full-service veterinary hospital providing medical care for dogs, cats and rabbits in the East Hartford area.

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