Finding a Pet Vaccine Clinic near Glastonbury


When you bring your very first pet home, getting them preventative care may not be at the very front of your mind. If you’d adopted a fuzzball of a puppy or a fluff of a kitten they’re probably quite a distraction, without all the tearing up of furniture and urinating inappropriately on your grandmother’s upholstered chair. But with great joy comes great responsibility, and you’ll need to start thinking about finding a pet vaccine clinic near Glastonbury that can handle all your new companion’s needs.



Schedules, Vaccinations and More

If you’ve looked up the schedule of vaccinations for your new puppy or kitten, you might be a little overwhelmed now. There are core vaccines and non-core ones. And do you come in at 6 weeks if you came in at 4, or do you wait until they’re 8 weeks? What are some of the dangers that my pet might encounter in my specific community? Oh, and if you’ve ever seen a news article or Facebook post about another person’s pet getting extra sick from the flu or another virus going around, you might be wondering if your pet is at risk. An experienced veterinarian at a local pet vaccine clinic in the Glastonbury area can answer all these questions and more. No more guesswork on your part, and definitely no scary Google rabbit holes needed.


Personalized Veterinary Care

Going to a high-quality veterinarian means better care for your pet. Every pet is unique, and they each have their own health conditions. What works well for some animals may not be appropriate for others. If your pet has problems with their immune system, they might need their shots delayed until they’re healthier. For camping dogs (or cats!) they might need a few extra vaccinations. This might be true for animals that will spend a decent amount of time at dog parks or in boarding facilities. You can talk with your veterinarian to make sure they know your pet’s home environment.


If you have any questions about finding a quality pet vaccine clinic near Glastonbury, feel free to reach out to us at Vet for Pet Animal Hospital.


Pet Vaccine Clinic, Glastonbury
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