Getting Your Dog's Teeth Cleaned In The Glastonbury Area


You probably make regular dentist appointments for yourself and your kids, but you might not be as proactive about getting your dog’s teeth cleaned. While many pet parents don’t see the need to make an appointment with a doggy dentist, up to 80% of dogs experience periodontal disease  to some extent by the time they are just a few years old. This causes inflammation, which, when left untreated, can allow bacteria to enter your dog’s bloodstream, potentially resulting in a host of serious health problems. From painful loose teeth to heart and kidney disease, a lot can go wrong if you don’t take care of your dog’s teeth. The good news? Getting your dog’s teeth cleaned near Glastonbury is easier than you may think. Here’s what you need to know.


Canine Dental Care: The Facts

Most healthy adult dogs get their teeth cleaned roughly once per year. Some smaller breeds, however, may require more frequent cleaning because they are more likely to experience periodontal disease. Talking to your vet is the best way to find out how often your canine companion needs professional dental care.


Typically, dogs are sedated during teeth cleanings. This allows the veterinarian to conduct a more thorough cleaning, inspect the interior side of the teeth and look beneath the gum line for potential problems. The use of anesthesia also makes the procedure less stressful and safer for your pet and the veterinary team. When dogs are sedated, they are unable to make sudden movements that could result in them being accidentally injured. While your dog is sedated, it is also possible for the veterinarian to take x-rays. This typically cannot be done while the animal is awake simply because they will not sit still long enough to get a clear image. Clear x-rays of the mouth allow the vet to see if there are any problems hidden deep below your dog’s gum line.


Finding a Veterinarian

Finding the right veterinarian to get your dog’s teeth cleaned in the Glastonbury area is an important step in ensuring your four-legged friend’s overall health. Proper dental care can prevent serious health conditions and help your pet avoid pain that could negatively impact his quality of life. The clinic should have hours that work with your schedule, a clean and safe facility for the procedure, and a caring staff.


If you have any questions about finding the right place to get your dog’s teeth cleaned near you in Glastonbury, please feel free to reach out to us here at Vet for Pet Animal Hospital.

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