Why Microchipping Your Pet in East Hartford is Important


Though our city has some wonderful resources for lost and found pets -- the newer Tyler Regional Animal Care Center included -- the sad truth is that many animals that wind up with Animal Control still have to be euthanized. With newly found cats, dogs and exotic animals being brought in regularly, they often have to spend much of their time tracking down owners instead of investigating cases of animal cruelty or neglect. Making their job easier is just one reason why microchipping your pet in East Hartford is important.

When a stray cat or dog is picked up by East Hartford Animal Control, the first thing they do is check for identification tags or collars. If your pet made a quick escape under the fence or through some bushes, there’s a chance that their tags got lost in the process. Snap off collars are especially common safety items for cats, as they can seriously injure themselves climbing trees with something fixed to their necks. Dogs, on the other hand, just tend to barrel through whatever’s in their way, leaving a mess -- and their tags -- behind them.

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A microchip is a reliable way to ID your pet, and it can potentially save their life

Microchips as Permanent Identification

Instead of relying on these inherently unreliable tools, it might be time to visit a veterinarian in East Hartford and invest in a microchip for your pet. East Hartford Animal Control (along with every vet clinic across the country) knows to scan your pet for a microchip if they can’t find a collar or tags. Once they find your pet’s chip, it’s as simple as picking up the phone. Since this technological advancement, reuniting lost pets and their owners has become a same-day process, no flyers required.

If you’re worried about any pain or discomfort with a microchip, you can rest easy knowing that it’s a quick and easy procedure that most pets barely even notice You know that area where a momma cat or dog picks up her kittens or puppies by? It turns out that the scruff is a great spot for a microchip, too.

If you have any questions about microchipping your pet in East Hartford, feel free to reach out to us at Vet for Pet Animal Hospital.

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