Vet for Pet Animal Hospital provides a life-long program of wellness care to ensure your furry family members stay healthy. An often-overlooked area that has a major impact on our pets' health is dental disease. We perform full dental cleanings under anesthesia to provide a more thorough preventative treatment.

From surface-level concerns to deeper problems, an animal’s teeth and gums need to be regularly monitored to prevent the development of serious health issues. After the age of three, most animals will require some form of dental intervention to remove plaque and tartar buildup. The bacteria that cause these hard films to form over your pet’s teeth can lead to more than just bad breath, too. Left untreated, they can cause tooth decay, gum disease and more.

In some cases, we may find that dental extractions are necessary to remove broken or degraded teeth.These procedures help your pet live a more comfortable and happy life in the long run.


During your pet’s annual wellness exam, we’ll perform an oral examination to assess their dental health. This allows us to tailor every visit to fit your needs and budget. We’ll consult with you about what kind of dental care they may need, and answer any questions you may have about problems we find.


Vet for Pet Animal Hospital is proud to offer pets and owners convenient and accessible animal dental care in East Hartford, Glastonbury, Manchester, West Hartford, South Windsor, New Britain, Newington and the surrounding New England communities.

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