Vet for Pet Animal Hospital provides a life-long program of wellness care to ensure your furry family members stay healthy. Annual vaccines help our pets ward off diseases that are often debilitating to them (e.g., Canine Distemper) and in some cases deadly to us (e.g., Rabies).

From the time they’re kittens and puppies on through to their senior years, regular vaccinations make up a big part of your pet’s continued wellbeing. Your pet’s needs will vary depending on their species, age, environment and other factors, which is why we tailor every visit to their unique situation.

prevent health problems

Our goal is to help prevent health problems before they start. We often provide all the vaccinations your pet needs during their annual wellness exams, though you can of course bring them in at any time. During these visits, we’ll go over a range of options for protecting your pet so that you know exactly why we’re suggesting each preventative treatment. Our hope is to work together to make sure your pet stays healthy and by your side for a long time to come.


Vet for Pet Animal Hospital is proud to offer pets and owners convenient and accessible vaccinations in East Hartford, Glastonbury, Manchester, West Hartford, South Windsor, New Britain, Newington and the surrounding New England communities.

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